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Whether you had a baby 6 months ago or 26 years ago, this workshop is for you. Learn how to reconnect to your core muscles and strengthen them through breath, posture, and asana (yoga poses). The first half of the workshop will be a discussion around what it means to properly engage your core system. You will learn about diastasis recti and what kinds of exercises can heal the split of the abdominal wall, often associated with pregnancy. We will also spend time learning about what it means to restrengthen the pelvic floor in support of your core muscles. The second half of the workshop will be a strong, core focused, all levels yoga session leaving you feeling well balanced. Join Aurora Allen for an afternoon of self care and education. We look forward to seeing you on your mat! Sign up HERE

Mothers-to-be, please join Aurora Allen, M.A., RYT-500, and mom of three (3), for a workshop devoted to getting to know your pelvic floor and how best to prepare it for labor and delivery. The pelvic floor is a complex system of muscles connected to your greater core system. These muscles are greatly affected by pregnancy and the birth process (even if you plan on having a c-section!).
In this 2-hour workshop, we will discuss basic anatomy, learn proper posture and breathing techniques to support the optimal function of the pelvic floor, and move through yoga postures that can help lengthen and strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor to assist your body in having a positive and easeful birth experience. This workshop is appropriate for pregnant mothers, doulas, midwives, prenatal yoga teachers, or anyone interested in learning how to assist pregnant women in accessing their pelvic floor. Sign up HERE

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Aurora currently has multiple offerings up on Devata Active’s website. For a free month of classes, use the code: AURORA upon sign in OR use the codes above to lock in amazing rates! To see Aurora’s current classes please follow the link: https://devataactive.com/teachers/aurora-allen/



Uncomfortable teaching when a pregnant goddess walks into your yoga class? Are you pregnant and unsure of how to move forward with your yoga practice? Interested in why yoga is especially good for the body during pregnancy? Aurora Allen, pre and postnatal yoga instructor and mother of two will lead a 2-hour workshop designed for yoga practitioners and teachers to better understand how to move through and teach asana to women expecting or coming back to their practice after delivering their baby. Topics will include: modifications at each trimester, pranayama during pregnancy, contraindications and safety, pelvic floor health, core exercises after pregnancy, sequencing, and benefits. There will be a Q&A following the workshop to ensure participants understand the information presented.




Yoga2Life Radio is the way to bring yoga off your mat and into your life. It is more than just asana practice, more than just yoga philosophy, it is a way to embrace life in its fullness. Yoga2Life is a community of individuals committed to making yoga a way of life, not just a workout to get great abs. Yoga2Life is about how to embrace challenge and turn it into fuel for success, on and off the mat. Yoga2Life is the path to truly bring yoga from the studio into your living room, car, office, and anywhere else you might find yourself. Welcome home, this is where we bring Yoga2Life.

Tune in on Wednesday September, 7th for an interview with Aurora Allen about what yoga means to her. Follow up with her 5-minute Friday, “I am light” meditation on Friday, September 9th. This podcast is available on iTunes at no cost!

Coffee and Core: Yoga for Moms


Moms, make your way back to your mat as your kids go back to school. Join Aurora Allen, yoga instructor, health coach, and mommy, as she leads you through a strong alignment based vinyasa sequence created to connect you back to your core and focus within to start your day with intention and energy.

Stay for coffee and receive a copy of Mallika Chopra’s newest book Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace, and Joy.

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